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Welcome to the Artisan Food Products Network.

We are a new network of professional food organizations serving the artisan food products market.

The mission of the Artisan Food Products Network (AFPN) is to develop and promote the artisan food products industry in partnership with the Midwest Food Products Association (MWFPA).

AFPN develops new partnerships and new opportunities to grow the artisan food products market. Visit our ABOUT page to learn more.

Our network includes a growing list of industry leaders in food research, food development and manufacturing, food safety, and local-to-global logistics. Our network also includes world class food business education, mentorship, and investment programs.

Our first ARTISAN FOOD BUSINESS CONFERENCE was a great success. We made many new friends and established next steps to grow the network. The conference was held in collaboration with the Midwest Food Products Association Annual Convention on Nov. 29-30, 2017 in Rochester, MN.

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Our network creates new opportunities for artisan food products and brands.